Why choose a real estate agent

Buying a home that fits our needs and desires or, in the case of the seller, leaving your home in a certain period of time, can become areal headache, unless we know all the key aspects of the real estate market and the fiscal regulation that affects the purchase and sale of real estate. If that is your case, you will already have a lot of livestock, however, if you consider that you are not in this position, the most advisable option is to put yourself in the hands of a real estate agent who looks after your interests and possesses an exhausted knowledge of the sector to identify the better opportunities according to the goals you have set.

Real Estate Agent

While it is true that the emergence of different web real estate portals has encouraged many to contact directly between individuals, this practice does not always give the desired results,since the lack of a figure with a proven experience in this type of operations, that suggests the best option in each step, can lead us to make mistakes because “as is normal” we can escape certain aspects of transactions or not repair in some relevant points to take into account when focusing our search so that this be optimal. In addition, it is important to emphasize that the buyer will have the services of the real estate agent without any cost, while the seller of the property must pay an amount previously stipulated for the sale of your home and comprehensive advice.

According to our philosophy and values of the agency, it is important that the professional that we are going to trust has a very high degree of empathy, since we understand that to develop our work with guarantees, it is essential to understand what is that the client looks for at a personal level, to know their worries and, even, those problems and disappointments that have experienced in other occasions in relation to the search or sale of a property. We consider it basic that the client is comfortable with the real estate agent to establish a relationship based on trust and support that favors the achievement of the objectives.

How can a real estate agent help us?

It is worth mentioning that the real estate agent will not only help us solve any administrative and fiscal doubts that may arise, but also provide us with a series of useful tips in order to obtain better results during the purchase process of the home. Sometimes, without going any further,ignorance of an urban area can lead us to draw conclusions that do not conform to reality and will be the real estate agent, who is responsible for providing all the detailed information about the area in question so that we have a clearer vision and choose the neighborhood that best suits our lifestyle. At the time of selling, we can fall into the error of not correctly measuring the times for the preparation and sale of the house. It will be the real estate agent who advises us on when is the right time to meet the demand.

The price of housing. As we already explained in our post about key tips for the sale of my house, establishing the price of the house is a fundamental factor for the success of its sale. The attachment we feel for our house or the time we have spent in it can be counterproductive when stipulating a price for sale, altering the impartiality that should be exercised over it, so the real estate agent will value this element with the maximum attention.

Make sure the best choice for you. There are many circumstances that dictate whether a house is for us or not, but in most cases we ignore it. Before carrying out an operation as important as the acquisition of a home, the real estate agent will take into account the inspections that have been carried out to verify the state of the property, if the price is in accordance with market demands, if financially at our reach, if it fulfills our claims on a personal level, etc.

Sales plan. The real estate agent will design a personalized marketing plan in order to get a better return on the sale of the property,accessing all the available tools so that your home reaches the maximum possible visibility.

You will never be alone. You will have at your disposal all the necessary documentation and you will have permanent advice from the real estate agent. Your goal is that when you hand over the keys to your new home or you have managed to sell it, you have felt confident and 100% confident from the beginning to the end.

In general terms, having a real estate agent will save you time, will worry about helping you and will be in charge of facilitating the management of the required procedures. The final aspiration of the agent is that the buyer of the house never forget him and recommend his services in case he has been satisfied.