Tips to sell your house without a real estate agent

With commissions from real estate agents that can reach 6%of the sale price of a house, it is tempting to hang a sign that says”Owner sells” and save the commission. In short, this would allow you to pocket $ 16,800 more if you sell your house at $ 280,000, which is the median of the sale price of a single-family home.

But selling your house is a difficult task. It takes time, energy, knowing the market and some money. This may be the reason why, currently, only 9% of salespeople try to make the sale without an agent.

You must have a lot of time to show your house, not have problems negotiating and enjoy the challenge of marketing your own home. Check the advertisements of newspapers and real estate blogs to get an idea of the market and for at least a week visit other nearby houses for sale.

Save the family photos, fix the door handle that is loose,clean all surfaces and apply a coat of neutral color paint on the walls. To present your home in the best way, you can consult a professional who is responsible for preparing the house for sale (home stager) for about $ 300.

An industry has emerged to help those who want to sell their house directly for part of what they would spend on commission. Among the services are the promotion in magazines and Internet sites, and provide information forms, contracts and other documents for sale, boxes and information leaflets resistant to the weather, seminars and brochures and educational materials.

Include photographs and a virtual tour in your publication sand do not forget to include instructions to get there, the type of heating and cooling and the school district.

In addition, you can advertise your property on free sites such as Craigslist, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Do not spend money on newspapers and local real estate guides since only 1% of people find their home in these print ads, says the NAR.

Place it as close as possible to the street, in a visible place and do not forget to include a phone number that can be read easily and that someone can respond day and night.

When you show your house, ask visitors to register and leave your e-mail and phone number. Let potential buyers decide how they want to go through your home and highlight the special features.

Make sure they take a copy of the sales brochure. Follow up by e-mail or phone, thank them that they have visited your home and take the opportunity to ask them if there is anything else they want to know. For security reasons, it is better that someone else is in the house when you show it.

A potential buyer with the commitment of a mortgage (means that the lender has verified all the information of the loan application) is more advanced in the process of obtaining the loan than one that has pre-qualified for a mortgage (means that a lender has only verified the credit of the buyer). The probability that the sale will not be made with a buyer who already has a commitment is lower.

Many states do not require a lawyer to intervene in the sale,but hiring a professional experienced in direct sales is essential. This professional can help you respond to offers, to conclude the contract and to define the date of signature of the sale.