How long does it take to register a sale in the Real Estate Registrar

This depends on the type of sale involved. If it is a cash transaction without a raise, it will take around seven banking business days.If, on the contrary, it is an operation with bank financing, the term will be considerably longer, in this case it will be around twenty banking business days. That is to say one month from your income.

It takes a long time due to the fact that the sales deed passes through several departments of the Conservator. At the time of entry, a cover number is assigned to the application, which can be consulted during the entire process. In the case of the Real Estate, the consultation can be done online.

The first thing that is done is to record the operation in the Directory, then go to the Study Department, in which officials check that everything is in order, that there are no embargoes, precautionary measures or legal prohibitions and that the writing is well done. The writing is then sent to the Registration Department.

In this Department first goes through the molding of property, where domain registration is practiced in the name of the buyer, then by molding mortgage, where the registration of the mortgage in favor of the financing bank and finally by molding prohibitions, where the registration of the prohibition is made in favor of the aforementioned Bank.

Subsequently, the deed is sent to another Department so that the previous registration in the seller’s name can be canceled. Then, if there was a mortgage that guaranteed a credit from the seller, the deed passes to another official to proceed to the lifting of the previous Mortgage and Prohibition.

Then the copies of all the inscriptions are made and finally the corresponding certificate of mortgages, encumbrances and prohibitions is issued. Subsequently, the transaction is liquid in monetary terms and the deed is ready to be withdrawn by the bearer of the entry page.